The Best Restaurants near Logan, OH

Olde Dutch Restaurant

Known for its crispy broiled chicken, the Olde Dutch offers lunch and dinner buffets throughout the week. Start your meal with a trip to the salad bar, and end it with a slice of Cherry Pie! The meal in between could be chicken, pasta, and other awesome meats.

Millstone BBQ

BBQ is an American classic, and Millstone is the place to eat the best  ribs you'll ever experience! The decadent mac and cheese and potato salad complement the tender slices of brisket so well. It's a must-visit restaurant for any carnivore.

JimBo's Burgers & Beer

Burgers and fries--what more can you ask for? JimBo's offers a no nonsense meal that delivers exactly what you'd expect, and it does it exceptionally well. It's a cozy, home-feeling burger joint that will satisfy your appetite.