How far is the Bridle Trail from the campground?

The end of the Red Trail actually runs directly behind our campground! However, it can only be accessed by exiting our campground, turning left on Keifel Rd. travel about 0.10-mile, turn left to enter the RED Trail. If you want to head to the State Horseman's Camp to enter the rest of the trail system...continue on Keifel Rd. for approximately 0.5-mile, turn left and go down over the hill to head towards the Sate Horseman's Camp following the RED markings on the trees. This will be approximately a 3-mile ride.

Your horse will thank you for the warmup and cooldown walk before and after entering the trail system! They don't call this area Hocking Hills for nothing.
What should I bring for my horses?

Bring everything that you normally would when you go trail riding. We do have potable water (supplied by a well), If your horse has a sensitive stomach, you may also want to bring water.
Manure collection point is right beside the first set of corrals/stalls.
Can I stay in one of the cabins and still bring my horse (s)?

YES! We have a tie out near the Dogwood Cabin. There is room by the Buckeye Cabin to bring your own tie out for that one. (Our corrals/stalls are about 1000 feet from the cabins.). 

Parking at the cabins is limited to one vehicle and no trailer access. This means if you bring a horse trailer, you will have to disconnect and park it in our overflow parking area. This area is near the office and not
too far from the cabins.
Do I have to stay in a site next to a corral to rent a corral or can I pick another site?

No. You can pick any site and any corral! Some of our sites are large enough to keep your horses at your campsite. Please be mindful of your site boundaries because not all campers have horses and want to enjoy the campground too.